Tatiara Work Centre Christmas trading!

Along with the rest of the community, Tatiara Work Centre volunteers have been busy preparing a selection of Christmas gifts, treats and sweets for all the district’s holiday needs. 

Fully gift wrapped hampers containing homemade jams, chutneys and sauces are also available which make great practical gifts for family or friends

Tatiara Work Centre member Shaun Taylor said the centre had a huge array of Christmas specific gifts ranging from baked items such as traditional homemade fruit cakes, puddings and biscuits. 

“Fully gift wrapped hampers containing homemade jams, chutneys and sauces are also available which make great practical gifts for family or friends,” he said.

“The range of homemade crafts on offer is also exceptional and one new item in store which is proving to be extremely popular this Christmas is reusable beeswax material wraps for food items which is a really practical environmentally friendly gift for those wishing to reduce plastic waste.”

Mr Taylor also said the Tatiara Work Centre will continue to stock regular produce during the Christmas trading period. 

“We also have the usual popular Christmas gifts such as pot holders, kitchen handy tea towels and padded coat hangers just to name a few which are extremely affordable and great value for money gift ideas.”

Mr Taylor said it was important for community members to continue to support local community initiatives for their shopping. 

“It’s so paramount for people to think local first when it comes to their Christmas shopping,” he said.

“If you buy five items at the Tatiara Work Centre it could mean that proceeds from that sale could be distributed to five different members.

“Many of our members buy ingredients or materials sourced from local shops or craft suppliers so its critical for the local economy and keeping the dollars within the district.”

Buying local not only provides fiscal support to producers, but also makes them feel valued by their community.

“By buying a locally produced item it brings so much joy to that local producer and it means so much to our members when customers provide great positive feedback regarding their products. At the end of the day its not only about dollars being spent but it boosts people self esteem and enriches their lives in many other ways.”

Mr Taylor said the community hub would be closed between Christmas Day December 25 through to New Years Day on January 1.

“We are rescheduled to reopen on Wednesday January 2. This gives our members a one week break and reprieve from all the baking and gives them an opportunity to enjoy the festive season and new year period with their family and friends. It also provides the TWC with an important period for a working bee to prepare the shop for 2019.”

For more information on the Tatiara Work Centre visit https://www.facebook.com/tatiaraworkcentreinc/.