Dolphins season begins!

The Dolphin Amateur Swimming Club began its season in conjunction with the opening of the Bordertown Pool on November 12!

With two weeks training underway, the club held its first time trial of there on Sunday December 15 in quite cool conditions with close to 100 swimmers on the day.

Time trials are the first official swim meet of the season where swimmers swim competitively within their age group, trying to swim their best possible time (PB) in a given stroke and distance, the strokes of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

A total of 167 personal bests were achieved by the swimmers.

The club’s second time trial will be held on Sunday December 9, this also coincides with the clubs Country Championship swimmers attending the Murray Bridge Carnival the same day in preparation for the swimming championships held in Port Pirie in January 2019.

Personal Bests:

4 Personal Bests: - Emily Vivian.

3 Personal Bests: - James Arney, Darcy Belluzo, Ada Blackwell, Pippa Blackwell, Abigail Charlick, William Charlick, Lauren Conlon, Brooke Crouch, Chloe Crouch, Angus Dawes, Jack Dawes, Poppy Dawes, Cooper Dodson, Charlie Finlayson, Leini Finlayson, Clarrie Grosser, Kiele Longbottom, Toby Longbottom, Digby McGregor, Kobi Neale, Elise Orton, Zellie Phillips, Finn Quilter, Eve Rowett, Hilton Rowett, Isla Rowett, Joe Rowett, Kida Schneider, Harry Tink, Matilda Tink, Erin Virgin, Eliza Vivian, Ella Wegener.

2 Personal Bests: -Jacqui Altus, Meg Blackwell, Alexander Charlick, Stephanie Conlon, Flynn Dodson, Evie Ferguson, Lachlan Finlayson, Tom Gill, Hudson Grosser, Lily Harvey, William Harvey, Alexis Hawker, Kim Hawker, Lily Kennett, Benjamin Kuchel, Bridie Kuchel, Sienna Lusher, Missy McGregor, Hunter Nash, Chayce Orrock, Anna Orton, Tom Orton, Alexa Rowett, Ruby Schwarz, Pippa Vivian, Riley Vivian.

1 Personal Best: - Ben Altus, kali Finlayson, Amon Hampel, Kurtis Hampel, Tayla Hampel, Zoe Harvey, Gabrielle Hodges, Grace Lushe, Connor Orrock, Eliza Orrock, Talise Phillips, Ryan Wegener.