Keith CFS reveal station art mural

The Keith CFS brigade has welcomed the arrival of two new firefighters and trucks to their station – in the form of a vibrant new art mural!

Keith CFS station captain Jason Wayman told the Chronicle the mural was completed on Sunday November 4 and was first inspired by a photo of a similar painting on a NSW council building. 

“We saw the image and decided we should do something similar and all agreed on a mural,” Jason said.

“Initially we just wanted the two firemen on the wall so we proposed the idea to local artist Julia Davis.

“She did a mock up drawing for us of pretty much what’s been painted on the wall and it all went from there.”

The mural took Julia only 11 days to complete.

We also wanted to do it to give back to the community and now it’s really obvious that the building is a fire station,

Jason Wayman

“Julia’s going away in December so we were trying to get it done as soon as possible and it all worked out pretty well!”

Jason said the station needed to get the self-funded plans approved by the Adelaide CFS station.

“We also wanted to do it to give back to the community and now it’s really obvious that the building is a fire station,” he said.

“We used a portion of the recent MBL donation we received to fund it – it was all done locally and through the station.

“We also got a bloke in to help us repaint the front letters and prepare the wall.”

Jason said the mural will help attract tourists and drivers by to stop and take a look, as well as provide some daily eye-candy for Keith locals.

“A lot of people come through here, it’s in an ideal location with the skate park right across,” he said.

“One of the ramps of the skate park is going to be pained soon too, so the whole area will be really eye catching.”

Jason said he believes other stations in the area could be inspired to do something similar to boost the vibrancy of the town.

“We shared the photos on our Facebook page and it’s gone viral – other stations and brigades are thinking about doing something similar!”

The SA Country Fire Service is a volunteer based, fire and emergency service dedicated to protecting life, property and environmental assets in regional and semi metropolitan South Australia.