Upper House of SA bans fracking in the South East for 10 years

The Upper House of South Australia has successfully passed a bill to legislate a 10 year fracking ban in the South East. 

The decision was passed in parliament on Thursday afternoon October  25. 

The moratorium will be effective within 14 days.

Anti-frackers from the Limestone Coast Protection Alliance believe the legislated moratorium comes after a lengthy and sustained grassroots campaign from communities in the South East. 

Limestone Coast Protection Alliance chairperson Angus Ralton congratulated the community and local politicians for continuing to fight for legislation reform. 

 “This is a well deserved outcome for the community that has fought so hard,” he said.

“Thanks must go to our local independent MP, Troy Bell for moving this Bill and to Nick McBride for getting the Libs on board.

“We’d also like to thank Mark Parnell and fellow Greens in the Upper House as well as SA Best whose support was crucial in getting this Bill through.”

Mr Ralton also thanked primary agricultural bodies and local health professionals for their public support in the lead up to tabling the bill. 

The ten year moratorium marks just a small step towards environmental sustainability across the region, with conventional gas exploration intensifying in the Limestone Coast. 

“While the community is very happy with this result, gasfields are still a threat to our region and the fight continues,” Mr Ralton said.

“Conventional gas is being actively pursued in the South East and we are very concerned that conventional gas exploration will begin to march across our landscape with three wells scheduled to be drilled this December or early next year, and the threat of more wells in the future.”