Martin stops in Bordertown during fundraising ride

Martin Howley is a 50-year-old Irish man who sadly lost both his mother and girlfriend to the battle of cancer. 

He is currently tackling a 4343km fundraising bike ride from Sydney to Perth in support of the Think Pink Foundation, with the goal of fundraising $40,000.

Martin stopped in Bordertown on Monday and shared part of his story with the Chronicle. 

“I have a sad story,” he said. “I lost the love of my life, we also lost a baby and I sadly buried my mum five years ago because of cancer.

“After that I battled with depression and now I’m trying to share my journey with others to do good and hopefully inspire people to turn their lives around.”

Martin currently lives in Perth, Western Australia and said he moved to Australia from Ireland with $60,000 of debt and 10 properties behind him.

“I then got a job in the mines and 18 months later managed to become debt free,” he said.

“I’m now 50 years old and it got to the point that I decided I need to do something – something good.”

Martin has currently raised $25,000 through the October fundraising ride and said he would not be happy until he had reached his goal of $40,000.

“You’ve gotta have goals in life or it’s not worth doing,” Martin said. “I raised $40,000 three years ago, the story was put in the Irish paper, it was all a bit surreal to be honest.”

Martin said Bordertown was a very nice place and the locals he met were kind.

“Bordertown was very nice, we stayed at the Dukes and the nice man behind the counter gave us $30 off our stay after he heard my story,” he said.

“People are really touched by what I’m doing and I’ve found they are really trying to help.”

Martin aims to complete his ride by October 28.

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