UniSA pushes for regional students to apply for scholarships

University of South Australia is making a push to increase students coming from regional areas and encourages them to apply for scholarships.

UniSA Mount Gambier regional engagement officer Chris Ronan said many potential students are unfortunately unaware of the broad range of scholarships on offer and available for regional students.

“Many potential students don’t fully utilise the opportunity to apply for the ones that they are very eligible for and miss out on potential support,” he said.

“Part of the problem is that there isn’t enough awareness in the community about all these potential opportunities and scholarships available to people in regional areas.

“Part of my job is to increase engagement and connect with local communities about the benefits of further study and all the different programs available.”

Mr Ronan said he believed it was important for people in regional areas to consider further study – no matter what age.

“It is important that people see the potential in having further study and access to education,” Mr Ronan said.

“Further education isn’t just for school leavers either, there are so many opportunities for people of all ages to advance and learn new skills.

“Tertiary study benefits community towns by bringing about new ways of thinking, exposure to new ideas and help people adapt and prepare for the future.”

Mr Ronan said distance from major universities was no longer a major obstacle for people wanting study.

He said it was also possible for students to live in their home towns and still have access to university education.

“We have online courses now, mixed mode and hybrid study – there are so many different degrees and different ways of completing these.”

He also said there were plenty of job opportunities in regional areas for students wanting to return to the country after finishing university. 

“In the fields of social work, healthcare and education, there is still such a high demand for local trained professionals.”

Scholarships available:

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