Keith's Joel Clark providing excellent service in the Tatiara

Keith’s Joel Clark from Reliable Petroleum has been recognised for providing excellent customer service time and time again for locals and visitors.

Tatiara Tourism Group chairman Liz Goossens surprised Joel on Tuesday by presenting him with the group’s monthly ‘service with a smile’ award.

Ms Goossens said Joel had been specifically nominated for the award by a frequent local customer. 

“The nominator told me that he had ordered fuel at 7.30am and it had been packed and delivered by lunch time,” Ms Goossens said. “It’s just excellent service.

“Joel serves an important role by demonstrating the Tatiara’s top quality customer service for both locals and truck drivers passing through.”

Joel has worked with Reliable Petroleum for over 10 years and said his grandparents used to own the space which was once known as the Tolmer Service Station.

“My grandparents used to own it many years ago and different companies have come in and out,” he said.

“Reliable Petroleum eventually bought the space and we provide 24/7 fuel which is really important for the truck drivers passing through.

“We are a good service to the locals who want bulk fuel distribution and the service is mostly built around local farmers.”

Joel said providing quality service had always been part and parcel with the job. 

“The service has to be there, it’s part of the business,” he said.

“You can only put on a friendly face and do the best you can.”

Ms Goossens said presenting locals with the monthly award was just one small way of showing appreciation for the many community members who continue to provide excellent service.

“It’s important to acknowledge the fantastic job some of our locals do each and every day which help boost tourism and make the Tatiara a friendly and reliable place to visit,” she said.

“The bulk fuel service is a huge asset to the district and it just shows that there is also great service going on in the not so obvious places.”