‘Bible Man’ Arthur Milne graduates

FAREWELL: Bordertown’s “Bible Man”, Arthur Milne graduates.

FAREWELL: Bordertown’s “Bible Man”, Arthur Milne graduates.

In the Tatiara district for the last 98 years, one man refused to compromise his trust of the Bible in any degree. That man was Arthur William Milne, farmer, soldier, husband and father. Perhaps his commission in life was, in Paul’s words, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God that brings salvation, to everyone that believes: first to the Jew, then to the gentile (everyone else).”

To Arthur this was the raison d’etre, the rationale for his life. He was raised in the Church of Christ and on Hope Farm.

He loved every aspect of farming and by the age of 17 was managing much of his father’s business. He met his bride, Jean Scown, at the age of seven when her family joined his church after some exciting tent meetings, and they sang together in church choirs for years, marrying during his time in the Ballarat regiment of the army.

Problem feet exempted him from army duty after the Light Horse was disbanded, and Arthur and Jean returned to Bordertown to begin an adventurous life, with the arrivals of their five daughters, Valerie, Betty, Cheryl, Robyn and Erica, in the forefront of agricultural engagement, initiating the use of irrigation, caterpillar tractors and many other excitements in the Tatiara district.

He was an arch inventor, designing and redesigning many forms of equipment for specific purposes.

Socially Arthur was instrumental on school committees in establishing the High School, in sporting activities where he played football for both Mundulla and Bordertown at different times and then supported his daughters’ hockey prowess. In association with the Rotary Club Arthur hosted exchange students on his farm Taralye, and finally gave a daughter in marriage to one of them.

As is common with farmers he survived many accidents, including a miraculous escape after falling between the carriages of a moving train, telling God “Here I come,” and finding himself sitting back on the platform in a daze that lasted 24 hours.

His beloved Jean reached Heaven at the age of sixty and Arthur married Lila after his retirement from farming. Their caravan saw many a dusty road, and they enjoyed considerable travelling in association with their faith. God had performed miraculous healings under his preaching in Vanuatu.

In Fiji aged about 57, he heard the voice of God saying He wanted Arthur to be His messenger. This experience transformed his preaching career and became the driving force of his later years.

Arthur flew the flag of Israel, together with the Australian flag, over his retirement home for many years. His untiring support for Israel and Jerusalem as the place of origin of his faith and the nation

that gave the world Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the mantel which he would like to pass down to the next generation together with the urgency of the Lord’s commission to preach the Gospel to all nations. This becomes especially urgent in view of the convergence of Biblical prophecy about end times and the current events of our times that were precisely predicted at least two thousand years ago and in many cases hundreds of years before that.

For example we see the re-establishment of Israel as the home of the Jewish nation including their language which remained unspoken for near two thousand years, the repatriation of the Israeli people from all corners of the world, the interests of Russia in the middle east, the fierce aggression of surrounding nations, and in particular the geographical and star signs exactly as predicted in the Bible.

Arthur’s third wife of four years, Helen, wishes to honour all who expressed their love and concern at His graduation into the very presence of his Father and Saviour.

Arthur wants to “See you later!”