New things for Keith and District Hospital

The Keith and District Hospital has announced a variety of new and exciting news.

The hospital recently marked the end of its three year relationship with Tristar Medical Group after the hospital was left without a doctor for four days. 

The hospital immediately recommenced management of the General Practise (GP) Clinic and appointed its own locum doctor. 

Keith and District Hospital CEO and director of nursing Sue Jones said the hospital was currently working with recruitment people to recruit a permanent workforce.

“The GP clinic is business as usual and all clinic services will continue, including blood collection and chronic disease management programs,” she said. 

Mrs Jones also announced the hospital had recently appointed architectural firm Brown Falconer for the design and project management of the redevelopment of aged care facilities. 

Mrs Jones said the firm was chosen due to its extensive experience with aged care redevelopment. 

“We are looking forward to having 10 additional beds to make a total of 28,” Mrs Jones said.

“We want to modernise and update the facility with more rooms and better bathrooms but we also don’t want to change things too much.

“We are trying to maintain the rural aspects of the centre – the community have said they do not want the aged care facility to turn into a ‘modern monstrosity’.”

Mrs Jones said an important part of keeping the facility familiar was to keep the patients’ outside view as similar as possible.

“We want to keep the paddocks and the garden how they are,” Mrs Jones said. 

“Patients really like that aspect of the facility, it’s open and green and the sun shines through nicely.”

Mrs Jones said with the developments there will be more space for family and friends to visit as well as additional ensuites.

“We still have to do design, planning and approval but at this stage development is looking to start in January, 2019.

The Keith and District Hospital can be contacted on 8755 1766 during working hours.