Branding agency set to visit Tatiara

South Australian brand communication agency Fuller will pay a three day visit to the Tatiara next week to help develop Tatiara’s social media branding strategic plan.  

Back in May, Tatiara District Council voted in favour of adopting Fuller’s social media branding proposal, costing about $65,500. 

Council CEO Anne Champness said the district had been working on social media and branding for quite sometime and it was exciting that more steps were being taken. 

“We will be putting a message out there to say who we are and what we stand for,” Ms Champness said. 

“We’ll be developing visual identity, associated items and creating videos to promote the district.”

Ms Champness said Fuller was meant to visit the Tatiara during the second week of July, but got held up due to school holidays. 

“They are coming up next week now to take videos, photographs and conduct interviews,” she said. 

“Fuller should be here for around three days visiting different locations in the district.

“They will speak to people who have recently moved to the area and with businesses to promote both people to visit, stay and live in the area.”

Ms Champness said once Fuller had gathered and assessed the required information, work can be started on building the website and social branding. 

“We want people who don’t live in the area to see all that the Tatiara has to offer and all the exciting things there is to do and what is going on,” she said. 

“We will try get them to pick up a few of the sporting clubs too and show people that it is a very lovely place to live.”

For more information on the social media branding strategy or to get in contact with the Tatiara District Council, visit