Council encourages new diverse members

Tatiara District Council is calling out for new faces, as local councils prepare for this year’s government elections. 

Nominations for the 2018 South Australian council elections open on September 4 and close at noon on September 18. 

Tatiara District Council CEO Anne Champness said the council encourages people who haven’t been on council before to nominate to join local government. 

“In general, most people will find being a part of the local council very rewarding,” Ms Champness said. “At times it can be hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding to be on.”

Ms Champness said there were no prerequisites or qualifications required to be a nominee. 

“You just need to be an Australian citizen and that’s it!”

Ms Champness said the Tatiara District Council is continuously aspiring to be more gender and age diverse. 

“We’ve got a pretty good balance here in the Tatiara,” she said. “We have three women on council and have a pretty good demographic of age groups."

Liz Goossens has been on local council since 2013 and believes having younger people on council would benefit the community. 

“We want to have a very diverse group of people and new people bring new ideas,” she said. “I want us to be progressive.

“Many of the decisions we make will affect people in the future and that’s why it’s important to have younger people on board helping to make these decisions.”

Ms Goossens said her involvement with council had been an enriching experience. 

“I’ve become so much more aware of what the whole district does instead of just my local community,” she said. 

“It makes you want to help make the Tatiara the best district it can be and use the ratepayers’ money in the best way possible.

“The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.”

Ms Goossens encourages members of the community from all different areas to consider nomination. 

“We need a good cross-section of people from the community who represent different backgrounds and different ideas.

“You get to attend things, find out what’s going on and represent your smaller community.”

Ms Goossens said she would like to run for council again, but would reconsider her place if more people wanted to have a turn. 

“There’s always unfinished business and you want to see projects you’ve discussed over the previous term come to fruition.”

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