Road upgrades for Padthaway Primary School safety

Padthaway Primary School may be looking forward to road and parking refurbishments as part of the ‘Way to Go’ program run by the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure. 

Tatiara District Council has worked with Padthaway Primary School and the Residents Win program to develop and submit a grant application in order to facilitate the road upgrades. 

If successful, the upgrades will improve safety for pedestrians and motorists in the school zone and will include road markings, kerbing and more footpaths for safety of students, teachers and the general public. 

Padthaway Primary School principal Olivia English said it was important that these changes are made.

“It is important for the school as we have had incidents where people have rushed through without actually knowing it is a school zone,” she said. 

“These changes will make the surrounding areas look more like a school area which will make it safer for everyone.

“It will highlight that it’s a school area and that any and all road users in the area must follow the speed limits and appropriate driving laws around schools.”

Tatiara District Council director of infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier agreed these changes should be made and said it was a priority for the council to improve safety particularly in front of schools.

“The existing footpath is too narrow and uneven which results in the public walking on the roadway to access the school,” Mr Hillier said. “Traffic classification data indicates there is a motorist speeding issue during school times.

“This is partly due the roadside environment and the straight stretch of road.”

Mr Hillier said the total project cost would be $203,000. 

“Council’s contribution is approximately $68,000 and the school is contributing $13,000 in-kind to the project,” he said.

“The remaining $122,000 will be funded through the Residents Win Grant if successful.”

Mr Hillier said if the application was successful, the council would aim to start works at the start of the summer school holidays. 

“We would aim to complete them prior to school returning in 2019,” he said. 

“This will reduce any disruption to users of the Padthaway school and make the works safer and easier to complete.”

Mr Hillier said specific upgrades would include the installation of protuberances to facilitate a safe road crossing point and parking would be altered from angle parking to parallel parking on both sides of the road. 

“A new footpath and fence will also be installed on the school side of the road.”

Padthaway Primary School is waiting on the outcome of the grant application.