Microchipping day comes to Bordertown

Tatiara District Council is on board with South Australia’s new cat and dog laws, which take effect from July 1.

As of July 1 microchipping will become mandatory for all cats and dogs by 12 weeks of age, cats and dogs must be desexed by 6 months of age (exemptions apply), dog and cat breeders will be required to officially register and all pet owners will be introduced to a new statewide database called Dogs and Cats online. 

Tatiara District Council has organised for a microchipping day to be held in Bordertown for community members to have easy access to microchipping services.

The new laws aim to simplify registration processes, make it easier to reunite dogs and cats with their owners, help identify and stop puppy farms and reduce euthanasia rates. 

Council director of development and environmental services encouraged all members of the community to make use and register online for the upcoming pet microchipping day. 

“We are having the microchipping day on July 29 and it will be ten dollars to get dogs and cats microchipped,” Mr Callisto said. 

“Community members need to go online and book what time they want to come and get their pets microchipped, a couple of spots have been taken already so it’s best they get online early and organise a time.”

Mr Callisto said microchipping is something all pet owners should do before they register their pets on the new statewide database.

“A microchipping number is required when you register on that website so it’s best to register after you’ve had your pet microchipped otherwise the pet gets registered as a ‘non-standard’ dog.”

Mr Callisto said the council is happy to help any members of the community who have issues throughout the process.

“From a council perspective we all need to acknowledge there is change,” he said. 

“It is different and during this transitional period the council staff are happy to assist the community.”

Community members can book their microchipping day time slot at www.chipblitz.com