Bordertown primary celebrates Mother’s Day

The children of Bordertown Primary School have been acknowledging all the wonderful things about mum in preparation for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Some of the comments made from Bordertown Primary School Receptions include:

“I like watching rainbows with mum,”- Mosomeh.

“I like reading books and making cakes with my mum,” – Parker.

“I like going to the beach with my mum,” – Declan.

“I like playing Crash Bandicoot with my mum,” – Quade.

“I like helping mum hang the washing on the clothes line,” – Lara.

Bordertown Primary School Year 2 students Deklan, Brooklyn and Ky-La painted pictures to go with their comments of mother appreciation. 

“I like playing chasey with my mum,” said Year 2 student Deklan. 

“I like playing bingo with my mum,” said Year 2 student Brooklyn. 

“I like baking with my mum,” said Year 2 student Ky-La.

Bordertown Primary School Year 7 students Jasmine and Mendi also took part in showing their mother appreciation. 

“My mum is irreplaceable,” said Jasmine. 

“I love my mum and respect her,” said Mendi. 

Check out the Border Chronicle’s above gallery of pictures and from the children of Bordertown Primary School.