Tatiara whipcrackers win big

Tatiara whipcrackers Max Kamp and Lucy Steer took a crack at the Sydney Royal Easter Show national whipcracking titles.

Max was titled the Australian champion of the 12 years and under division and Lucy came in at third place in the 16 years and under division.

Fourteen year old Canniwigara lass Lucy Steer said she loved the experience of being able to compete at the national titles in Sydney. 

“It was really fun but there was so much training involved.

“We would see our teacher Luke Fritsch from Mount Gambier almost every week to get tips and tricks in different things,” Lucy said.

Lucy said the competition involved performing ten different tricks, a minute of freestyling and an accuracy challenge. 

“We are scored on a range of things – entertainment, bridging, the loudness of the cracks and what sort of tricks you do.”

Lucy said Max and herself were the only junior competitors from South Australia at the national titles. 

“The competitors were mainly from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania,” Lucy said.

Lucy said she first became interested in the unusual sport when her horse riding teacher gave her a whip and taught her a few tricks. 

“My sister and I learnt how to do it, got more whips and then decided we wanted to do it properly as a sport.

“My sister rang up people in Mount Gambier and that’s how we got in contact with Luke Fritsch who became our teacher,” Lucy said.

Lucy said although she had already been successful in whipcracking she has future ambitions in the sport. 

“We have to go to state titles to qualify for nationals and I won the Victorian state titles.

“I’d like to go around Australia and win all the state titles and then finish it off with a win in nationals,” Lucy said. 

They thanked sponsors Spence Dix & Co, Earthworx and Country Sew N Sew who made it possible for them to compete in Sydney, as well as the Tatiara District Council who gave them a small grant.