Country kids need carers is bringing a ‘Foster Carer Information Session’ to the Bordertown library tomorrow. serves the Limestone Coast by providing a ‘hands-up’ approach to people experiencing financial, relationship and emotional difficulty. 

One of the charity organisation’s main focusses is to pair children with foster parents who live in the same town or region to cause less disruption. Foster Care Services recruitment assessment and training workers Lisa Fry and Cindy Climas will be hosting the session to chat with curious members of the community about what being a foster carer involves.

“Ideally we try keep children in their own community,” Ms Climas said. “It’s better for the child, it’s less disruption and they have friends and family around them.”

Ms Climas said there are families in Bordertown who are already foster carers, but they are always looking for more.

“We have two families currently caring in Bordertown and we have another two under assessment - there are more children than carers at the moment.”

Ms Climas said if there are not enough carers, children have to be placed in alternative housing in conditions that are not ideal.

“In residential care there are a number of children living in a house and in commercial care a child is placed in a motel room or caravan park with rotating agency workers.”

Ms Climas said there are many reasons why children come into foster care and every case is different. 

“They may have been removed for child protection issues or sometimes parents are unable to manage and need help for only a short amount of time.”

The Foster Carer Information Session will go through the whole process of how to become a foster carer and allow audience members an opportunity to ask questions.

“We will go through the time frame, what personal qualities we are looking for in carers, how placements are made and what type of care we provide,” Ms Climas said. encourages all keen members of the community to attend the information session and learn more about how you could become a carer. 

Ms Climas said most people can apply to become a foster carer and there is no discrimination based on personal factors. 

“Foster carers can be single, a couple or same-sex - the age range is between 25 and 70 years old.”

The event is open to everyone from the Tatiara and will be held on Thursday, April 12 at the Bordertown Library from 5pm until 6pm.

For more information contact Anglican Care Mount Gambier on 08 8724 9211.