The future looks bright for the lighting on Woolshed Street

Tatiara District Council is considering making upgrades to the street lighting on Woolshed Street. 

The council has planned to engage a consultant to design and cost the upgrade in accordance with the requirements of AS1158 (lighting for roads and public safety standards of Australia).

Tatiara District Council director of infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier said an assessment of the lights showed they currently do not meet Australian standards for PN4 or PN5 classifications. 

“When the lights were installed approximately 20 years ago it is likely they were not put in to any standard,” he said.

“The current condition of the poles is poor and they are reaching end of life without some major maintenance work.”

Mr Hillier said the council was not obliged to upgrade the street lights, however when improving or installing new lighting the council must comply with and meet Australian standards.

“To bring it to the minimum standard the luminaires would need to be upgraded to make them brighter and it is likely additional light columns would need to be installed.”

Mr Hillier said the council has two options – to refurbish the existing poles and upgrade the luminaries or to replace them entirely.

“The cost to upgrade and replace the poles is estimated to be in the vicinity of $100,000 to $120,000 as there is likely a significant amount of underground cabling required for additional poles,” Mr Hillier said.

Bordertown on the Move and various community members had commented on the poor lighting over the years, however no official complaints had been recorded. 

Mr Hillier said where possible the council will use local contractors but the technical design required to ensure it complies with Australian standards would most likely need to be carried out by a qualified lighting engineer based elsewhere. 

“We need to conform with our procurement and tenders policy to ensure that we obtain the best value for money and the procurement process is open and effective.”

Improving or upgrading the street lighting on Woolshed Street would bring the poles up to national standard, improve public safety and potentially benefit business in the area. 

A spokesperson for the Woolshed Inn Hotel commented that the plans sounded positive: “The Woolshed Inn Hotel supports any upgrade that will improve the amenity of Woolshed Street.”

While the future of lighting in the street looks bright, Tatiara District Council is still in the process of making a final decision on the lighting upgrade.