Monster auction turns out to be huge

Over 200 Keith and Tatiara locals gathered at the Keith Hotel on Friday night for the Monster Charity Auction in support of the Berry family from Keith.

Jenny and her husband Steve who suffers from Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), an incredibly rare form of dementia, put on the show to raise much needed funds for the Frontier Frontotemporal Dementia Research Group.

Steve, who has just turned 50, was diagnosed with the disease (which is currently un-curable) late last year.

His wife Jenny was the driving force behind the auction which raised over $30,000 on the night alone.

Local businesses and individuals donated a huge amount of goods and services to the event.

“There has been a fantastic response from the Keith community to support me,” Jenny said.

“My initial aim was to try to raise $5000 but now we have raised over $30,000 with more donations and fundraising to come.”

Steve is a member of the Keith Diesel and Dirt committee which is gearing up for another huge event in the coming months, however due to his illness Steve will be unable to help out like he could before.

This is where Jenny is stepping in.

A gin and tonic stand will be run by Jenny at the event to further fundraise.

“As a family we are fortunate and very grateful to be living in a community which will support us through this tragic journey unconditionally. 

“We are unfortunate though that access for Steven and us to services and knowledge needed is limited.”