Vehicle Restorers Christmas mystery run

December for the Bordertown Vehicle Restores Club means it’s time for the president’s mystery run and Christmas lunch and each year the serving president somehow steps up to the plate and comes up with something extra special.

It was no exception recently when new president Nugget Hunt led off 24 classic old cars and a handful of moderns from the Old School clubrooms; destination unknown.

But there was little time to ponder that possible destination nor to change up into top gear before only a few minutes later the convoy pulled into the Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary run by Trina and Shorty Campbell to visit with the rescued kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, tawny frogmouths, kookaburras and a pair of frill necked lizards.

With 10 children on the outing it was fortunate that Trina had plenty of baby-bottles on hand so every child – and a few of the adults too – had a chance to handfeed a small mob of juvenile kangaroos and one very tiny baby wombat.

From Safe Haven the cars proceeded west to Gus and Andrea Rodert’s farm for a hands-on practical demonstration of how a large scale hay producing operation is conducted.

Moving further westward to Don Hunt’s Road and the farm of John Hunt, here was a chance to view John’s eclectic collection of inventions from the farm.

The Circus Soleil style trick motorcycle designed so John can stand on the seat of the three wheeled cycle and hence spot weeds otherwise hidden deep down in tall crops, had to be seen to be appreciated for its true bush mechanics ingenuity.

With the entire morning having quickly evaporated the final leg west brought the convoy to Mel Llewellyn’s Cockatoo Farm for a sit down Christmas dinner and dessert.

The roast beef and chicken combination plus all the usual roast vegetables were not only delicious but were also extremely generous servings.

The dessert range was equally vast and many of the self-serve plates returning to the dining tables teetered on the brink of piled high balance.

Throughout the eating there were presents for the children, prizes and giveaways and later, a fun present too for each of the adults.

With around 50 adults and 10 children on this festive season outing it is clear the Vehicle Restorers have once again fulfilled one of its primary goals by injecting tangible funds into a Tatiara enterprise.

The club applauded president Nugget Hunt for the huge success of his inaugural Christmas mystery run and Nugget’s modest response was only to question how on Earth he can top it next year.