Bordertown women’s basketball | RESULTS

Senior Women

Lightning 94 d Warriors 14. Best Players: Natasha Rowett; Eva Day.

The match was off to a fiery start with both teams competing hard. Lightning’s good ball movement gave them opportunities for fast breaks. Some uncontrolled passing by the Warriors let Lightning’s lead increase. In the end Lightning’s fast penetration and strong rebounding got them over the line.

Panthers 54 d Kermits 34. Best Players: Teagan Thorpe; Olivia English.

Both teams played well. Panthers were too strong in the end. Great defensive game by all. Well done girls.

Rangers 81 d Rhinoes 27. Best Players: Amy Bruce; Sally Weatherald.

Rangers started strong taking the lead early. Rhinoes were fighting to catch up. Fast ball movement by Rangers allowed for many fast breaks. The fast ball movement and accurate shooting helped give Rangers a comfortable win.

Slammers 58 d Dream Team 20. Best Players: Sarah Bailey; Hayley Grosser.

Slammers moved the ball down the court and finished off with accurate shooting despite great defensive pressure from the Dream Team.

Women’s C Grade

Black 48 d Jets 25. Best Players: Maddy Bertus; Shona Laucke.

Black started off strong but the underdog ‘jetted’ back at three quarter time. Jets were down to four players at the end of the third quarter due to their fifth player getting fouled off.

Lions 45 d BDG Ladies 20. Best Players: Jess Milligan; Anna Crafter.

An even game for the first half. Lions took control in the third quarter and ran away with a nice win.