KNTNA netball clubs stepping up

KNTNA netball clubs – like their football counterparts – are making moves to become more professional and remain competitive in a strong league.

While netball season is still months away, several clubs have taken the bold step of advertising widely for new coaches for 2018, and one club in particular is embracing the more professional approach.

After not fielding an A grade side for the first time in its existence in 2017, Kybybolite has orchestrated a dramatic plan to bring the club back up to scratch.

The Kyby executive, fronted by president Monique Crossling, has distributed an advertisement looking for a new coach, but it’s what they’re asking for that’s turned a few heads.

The ad states Kyby is “looking to rejuvenate our netball club by instilling a strong team and club culture of belief, success and pride.”

And with a long list of desirable attributes within the position description, it’s clear the club is looking for a well-credentialled senior coach.

“This year we’ve stepped it up and made it more professional,” Crossling said. “If we want to get someone like an ex State League player, that’ll be someone that will hopefully bring experience to the club.

“Hopefully that draws interest so we can get players, too.”

Crossling said she was disappointed her club had to ask the KNTNA for an exemption from the A grade competition for 2017 because of an exodus of players – mostly young ones moving to Adelaide for university.

“It was just one of those things – it was no fault of Kyby’s,” she said. “We just lacked depth and experience.”

Kyby isn’t the only club to search for the next step in its netball, as Padthaway and Penola followed suit soon after the Tigers in advertising for a new mentor.

KNTNA secretary Katie Brodie said she believes the ads are a step in the right direction for clubs, particularly Kyby, which will be forced back into the A grade competition in 2018.

“I think it’s a good move, they’ve needed to – they’ve struggled the last few years, so it’s a good move by their executive to try to build themselves back up,” she said.

“A bit of rebuilding over the next two or three years and they should be good.”

Brodie added a new coach at Kyby and hopefully some strong players will be great for the KNTNA as a whole.

“It’s more competition throughout the league – the more competition the better,” she said.

Keith is a club at the other end of the spectrum, having contested many A grade grand finals in recent years.

Keith A grade coach Georgia Cadzow feels her club has been “lucky,” but also added a great deal of their success started with two great coaches.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have (the late) Rhonda Kellock...she was a very passionate netball person and we had Judy Greenwood and her expertise," she said.

“From our side we’re lucky because we have some very talented players. What Kyby is trying to do is a great idea...I’m really hoping Kyby can get something going.”

Crossling said the opportunity is there for the right person to turn Kyby into the powerhouse club she knows it can be.

“It’s easy to throw our hands in the air and go ‘It’s too hard,’ but it’s the longevity and future of the league,” she said.

“Kyby is a fabulous family club and I want to see it here for the next 20 years...if we can secure a coach it helps with recruiting and there only needs to be three or four experienced players who can help out the juniors we can bring up.

“We’re really stepping up and putting ourselves out there and asking ‘Who wants to help out’, ‘Are you up for a challenge?”