Bordertown constructed wetlands | PHOTOS

The Bordertown constructed wetlands might be one of the Tatiara’s best kept secrets and they are now flourishing thanks to the wet winter that has just been.

The lagoons and wetlands are located on Pigeon Flat Road, about 1 km west of Bordertown. 

The wetlands were constructed in 1996-97, not to re-use the water but to prevent the excess effluent from entering the nearby Tatiara Creek.

The effluent overflows from the oxidation lagoons after a nominal detention of 26 to 90 days (average of 66 days)  into the wetland where it passes through a number of lagoons and channels and eventually evaporates.

There has been no overflow into the Tatiara Creek since the construction of the wetlands.

There is no accurate measurement of flow into the wetlands, although about 180 ML of effluent is pumped into the lagoons and some of this would evaporate before entering into the wetlands.