Does the Tatiara want the Masters Games?

The Tatiara District Council is calling on all local sporting, community and business groups to have their say on the idea of the Tatiara hosting the 2020 South Australian Masters Games.

The Masters Games is a multi-sport event designed to allow sportspeople opportunities to participate in the sports of their choice and to compete with their age peers.

The opportunity to participate, compete and to be physically active is the main motivation of the participants and while winning is important, it should not dominate the event. Social interaction is also a very important feature of Masters Games for the participants.

The minimum age for most sports is 30 years of age however some of the sports, like Gymnastics, the minimum age for participation is 20 years of age. There is no maximum age limit. 

The benefits of the South Australian Masters Games to the Tatiara region include:

  • Enhancing the health and wellbeing of the community
  • Profiling of the region and community
  • Economic benefit of the visitors to the region
  • Opportunities to bring the sporting organisations together and work with each other to deliver quality sport
  • Growth of the volunteer base as the community works together to deliver the event and all related activities 
  • Engagement of the local business community with sport
  • Opportunity to bring the “previous champions” and participants back to sport in their old or a new activity as they re-generate their interest 
  • Improvement of the sustainability of sport with a financial benefit through increasing membership of the clubs with the “Masters grade” and the event revenue.
  • Council partnerships and relationships are strengthened as the Masters Games is delivered with and for the community.

The South Australian Masters Games have been held annually since 1996 with a wide variety of regions hosting the Games.

Should the Tatiara District Council apply to host the 2020 SA Masters Games?

The council is now calling upon all members of the community to have their say on whether hosting the games would be beneficial for the district.

The Tatiara Hockey Association has already thrown its support behind the idea in a written letter to council.

“Tatiara Hockey Association have submitted teams to the 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017 SA Masters Games in Naracoorte and Clare.

“Teams have been made of current and past hockey players, some who have not played for over 30 years.

“The games are a great opportunity for athletes to play their sport with others of similar age and they relish the social aspect that the games brings.

“The team have enjoyed opening ceremonies, street markets, meeting other athletes, watching other sports, reigniting friendships built from the sporting field and being active again.”

At a recent council committee meeting, it was proposed that council arrange a meeting in the 2017 calendar year with the district’s sporting groups, Tatiara Business Association, Bordertown and Keith main street businesses to discuss the potential of holding the 2020 Masters Games. 

Naracoorte held the games back in 2014 and the town benefited greatly from the influx of participants over the four day event.

There were 997 registered athletes for the April 4-7 in 2014 - many of them coming from out of town, and needing somewhere to eat, drink and sleep while competing in the 18 sports on offer.

The cafes, hotels and accommodation venues in Naracoorte reported a boom across Friday, Saturday and Sunday while other businesses felt some of the flow-on effects.

Contact the Tatiara District Council office with expressions of interest.