Fireworks at Western Flat

The Western Flat Fireworks Spectacular on Sunday night was once again a great night out for locals and visitors, as approximately 500 people came out and enjoyed some quality fun for the whole family.

As well as the main attraction of fireworks, provided by Howard and Sons, there were jumpy castles which entertained the children, and plenty of delicious food, some of which was donated by local businesses.

“Everyone pitches in, and we organise our own food. We do turkey burgers, steak sandwiches, sausages. The turkey burgers are donated from the Pooginagoric Free Range Turkey Farm, and they’re always a hit,” Monique Moore, the Secretary of Western Flat Community Sport and Recreation Incorporated, said.

“And there’s hot donuts of course,. The Tennis Club do those, they mix all the dough and cook them all themselves.”

“A lot of the local people work in the kitchen, cooking BBQ and serving food, so it’s a really big effort from everyone.” 

The event was organised by Western Flat Community Sport and Recreation Incorporated.

The event is in its 23rd year, and was described by Ms Moore as “quite amazing.”

“It was just a beautiful night, it was just perfect weather for it, mainly due it being fairly mild and no wind.”

The Western Flat committee did a fantastic job maintaining the oval and grounds, so it was in tip top condition for the event. Ms Moore reported that many people bought out deckchairs and picnic rugs, sitting in front of their cars as the fireworks crackled overhead. 

“It was a really fun atmosphere,” Ms Moore said.

One of the primary activities at the Fireworks Spectacular was the Monster Raffle, where guests bought tickets to buy a range of prizes donated by local businesses. 35 prizes were donated in all.

Ms Moore thanked all the sponsors for their generosity, with the money raised from the raffle going towards community works. 

“We have a goal each year. We put up a new veranda last year at the Western Flat Community Sport and Recreation Inc., and we’re going to put lights under that, and also there will be some upgrades to the hall and cricket club, like air conditioning.”

There will also be a new shade sail for the playground, as the existing sails are old and damaged.

“We would like to make these places more user friendly for the whole community,” Ms Moore said.