Tatiara Seeds pasture site open day

Close to 100 people attended the second Tatiara Seeds Pasture site open day last Wednesday.

A number of representatives from across the region and state were present to inform the onlookers on the importance of good pasture.

Some of the representatives on the day included:

  • Sam Densley from Upper Murray Seeds
  • Ian Freebairn from Pasture Genetics
  • Emma McDonald from Heritage Seeds
  • Georgie Reef from Seed Force
  • Michael Grant from Steven Pasture Seeds
  • Peter Ellison from Landmark

Brett Smedley, in charge of Seed Sales and Marketing at Tatiara Seeds, was extremely happy with the turnout of people at the open day. “We received some really positive feedback, a lot of people commented on how professionally the day was run, with some of the best looking field day plots they have seen,” said Brett.

Whether you are in grazing, mixed farming or hay production there are always new varieties coming on the market that maybe just worth looking at to increase your productivity in all aspects and improve nitrogen fixation in the soil.

This year Tatiara Seeds at Bordertown has sown nearly 50 different varieties for people to look at. Tatiara Seeds selected a good range of varieties for quite a few different soil types around the region for people to try and get a bit of a feel of whether they will suit the needs for each farming type.

Some of the plots on offer on the day included annual ryegrass, annual clovers, sub-clovers, medics, forage cereals, vetch and some perennial plots.

“We would like to thank all of the representatives who were able to come and share their knowledge on the day and we would also like to thank all of those farmers from around the region that took time out of their day to come,” Brett said.