Serviceton Railway Station paranormal investigation

It’s possibly Australia's most haunted railway station. No longer used, the time capsule is a reminder to the time of great Victorian steam travel.

On Saturday September 9, Twisted History undertook a three hour public paranormal investigation of the abandoned railway station in Serviceton to search for evidence of the spirits that are rumoured to haunt the beautiful Victorian building.

Fourteen people along with six staff members braved the conditions on Saturday night to try and witness the paranormal activity that the railway station has been known to present.

Built on what was believed at the time to be the border of Victoria and South Australia, much interest surrounds what is hidden inside.

Both states had different rail gauges so passengers had to disembark go though customs before boarding a new train.

Rarely investigated, this largest building is a labyrinth of rooms over three levels. From a Dining Hall, Ballroom, Accommodations, Hotel, Morgue and Police Cells where convicts were chained to the wall.

Participants in the most recent paranormal investigation were not left disappointed with a number of paranormal events occurring throughout the night.

One member of the team felt a vibration behind her when visiting the morgue while a shadow figure was also seen down in the depths of the old police cell.

There was also numerous orbs that were picked up on cameras throughout the night which could be related to paranormal activity.

Six cameras which were used on the night are currently being checked for other events.

Twisted History first visited Serviceton in January after knowing of the history for many years.

The team captured some interesting flashing orb activity that appeared to move intelligently from the stairs towards a DVR camera in the cellar area.

Along with this was tapping noises, footsteps and some personal experiences. 

The figure of a man has been seen standing at the end of the platform and a lady, who is fondly referred to as “Betty” has been seen in the kitchen window.

There was also a little girl standing on the stairs out the front picked up by a medium who accompanied the team in January.

Last week was the anniversary of a fatal train crash that occurred in 1951 when the Adelaide and Melbourne Express trains crashed head on in thick fog at Serviceton Railway Station.

Twisted History is an accredited tourism company that runs a range of ghost and murder tours along with paranormal investigations across Victoria at a variety of locations including gaols, hotels and other buildings.

The company changed hands in 2016 and from this point decided to bring the tours to regional communities, giving people the opportunity to experience a paranormal investigation in their own town.