Limestone Coast traffic offences

Two men have been detected committing traffic offences in separate incidents in the Limestone Coast over the weekend.

At 3.45pm on Friday September 8, police received a report of a car speeding through a school zone while children were present on Memorial Avenue, Keith. Police attended and spoke with the driver who was breath tested. He allegedly produced a blood alcohol reading of 0.118.

A 32-year-old Keith man was reported for drink driving and issued with a direction not to drive a motor vehicle for 12 hours.

Later that evening, about 7.30pm police spotted the same driver on the Dukes Hwy, Keith. He was breath tested again and allegedly produced a blood alcohol reading of 0.120. The man was reported again for drink driving and for breaching the driver direction notice. He was issued with a six month instant loss of licence notice and his vehicle was clamped for 28 days. 18/C33376

Police were performing speed detection duties on the Riddoch Hwy between Padthaway and Keith just before 10.30am on Sunday September 10, when a car was detected travelling at 170km/h in a 110km/h speed zone.

The driver, a provisional licence holder, was issued with an expiation notice for excessive speed and breach of provisional licence conditions, totalling $1483.00. The 25-year-old Elizabeth park man was also issued with a six month instant loss of licence.