Bordertown intersection warning for local drivers

The Tatiara Road Safety group is calling for action on the dangerous Stotts Road-Frances Road intersection.

Greg Hunt from the Tatiara Road Safety group, along with local residents John Watson and Janine Rohrlach, presented a petition to the council at last week’s meeting.

Mr Hunt gave an outline of the problems and dangers with the intersection including very poor sight distance especially when in a truck on Stotts Rd, looking to the south due to trees and looking to the north due to trees and the curve in Frances Road.

The road safety group tabled a petition containing 208 signatures from local residents who use the roads on a daily basis. 

John Watson of Pooginagoric Free Range Turkeys, one of the main businesses in the area, spoke to council regarding the safety of drivers at the intersection.

Mr Watson spoke of major users of the road, including but not limited to, milk tankers, bulk feed trucks, livestock transport, Origin gas tanker, grain trucks and supporters and players involved in the local football league.

“I often use the road and pull out heading towards Bordertown and it makes me wonder if I have looked properly as when I look in the rear vision mirror there is a car right behind me,”  Mr Watson said.

Mr Watson employs nine workers who travel the road twice a day to get to and from work.

The school bus also turns from Hutchings Road opposite Stotts Road twice daily.

Three roads all join to Frances Road within 150m of each other, making it extremely difficult for large trucks or farm machinery to navigate tight turns in such a short space. 

Mrs Rohrlach spoke of the dangers of trying to cross Frances Road while towing farm machinery. 

“It’s like running the gauntlet, if you have a truck or a trailer and you have to stop, look and go you already have someone right behind you,” she said.

“Fuel trucks dread going from Stotts Road to Hutchings Road every time they do it.”

Council’s manager of technical services Surya Prakash said: “There is no simple solution to this problem and in the coming months council’s technical services staff will come up with a number of concept design for council to consider.”

These solutions may look at limiting the number of intersections with Frances Road, shifting the location of the intersection away from its current location.

Some of the solutions may require council to acquire land from farmers to divert the road.

“At this stage we hope to provide concept plans for council to consider by September or October this year,” Mr Prakash said.