Shave for Beyondblue

Keith sparky James Waters will shave off his dreadlocks on Saturday night for Beyondblue.

The third-year apprentice from Laser Electrical Keith is offering the first cut to the highest donation, such is his commitment to the cause.

People wishing to support James and the team at Laser Electrical Keith can join them on Saturday from 5.30pm at the Willalooka Tavern. 

With James’ shave being the feature event from 8pm, people can also enjoy a pig on spit from 6.30pm, a fundraising auction and raffle from 8.30pm and be entertained by The Southern Undertows from 9pm. 

“After witnessing the effect of mental health on people close to me, I believe there is a need to raise awareness and money to help the fight against mental illness,” James said.

Employer and Managing Director of Laser Electrical Keith, Stewart Stone is supporting the apprentice in highlighting the importance of mental health.

“We are becoming more and more aware of mental health issues in the electrical industry and, in other regionally based industries,” Stuart said. 

For those making a night of it, the Willalooka Tavern are also providing a courtesy bus and free camping at the rear of the Tavern.

Stewart is thankful for the support being given by the locals for such an important cause.

“Without the support of local businesses, in particular the Willalooka Tavern, we would not have been able to make such a great event that we are sure everyone will enjoy,” he said. 

For those unable to attend, donations can be made, through the following link: