Tatiara in bottom five for inactive residents

The Tatiara has been named in the bottom five in SA’s least active spots, along with Naracoorte and Kingston.

The results have come from Australia’s Health Tracker which is an interactive website that provides localised data on chronic diseases, conditions and their risk factors.

The site shows the postcodes that people exercise the most and the least and have put the Tatiara in the number five position, in the bottom five.

Tatiara council CEO Rob Harkness said “It is not the first time that areas of the SE have rated poorly in similar surveys relating to health and fitness

“Unfortunately it is also common that country areas rate worse than areas in and around Adelaide.”

It is joined with four other regional spots which shows a diminishing pattern in rural areas and physical activity.

Figures showed that 54.9 per cent of people on average across the state reported they either don’t exercise or do only very low levels of exercise.

The Tatiara in comparison had  78.7 per cent of the town claiming they do little to no exercise.

Kerrie Cleggett who is the owner of Tatiara Health 4 Life said she was surprised by this data and feels that for the most part the Tatiara is an active community.

“Everyone needs to make sure they are moving as much as they can and you don’t need to play a sport or go to the gym to be active

Kerrie said that every day there are better choices to make when it comes to being active.

“Instead of moving the car three times when your shopping down the street, just park the car and walk.

“Walk the kids to school rather than drive, wash the car by hand rather than going to the car wash, and when your meeting a friend for coffee, grab a take away and go for a walk instead of just sitting,” she said.

In light of the similar results for other rural areas, Kerrie said that living in the country is not a feasible excuse to not exercise.

“No matter where you are – there is a way to exercise.

“If you have to work out in your living room or in the back yard and that’s all you have to work with then you need to make it work.

Kerrie has a client who has four children, no equipment other than a step and one set of weights, enabling her to enjoy her work outs in the living room.

“It seems people are quick to find an excuse – any excuse. However I believe if you want something bad enough you will always find a way to do it,” she said.

Kerrie’s gym is one of two in Bordertown that provide plenty of options in regards to training to cover all demographics.

“I feel the facilities are available, so it then becomes the individuals responsibility to make sure they are making the most of them.

“If people cannot afford a gym or club membership there are plenty of other options. They could take advantage of walking and bike tracks, parks, plus the free gym equipment that has just been installed in Virgo park,” she said.

The statistics are a good reason for those inactive in the community to consider some light movement for all the benefits that will follow. 

Kerrie said that exercise is important as it helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.

“Exercise improves your quality of life by reducing stress and depression plus it will help you sleep better.

“Everyone needs to make a regular appointment with themselves or with friends to make sure exercise is a priority.

Kerrie is also a health coach, and advises her clients that exercise needs to be an appointment with themselves just like any other important appointments that are kept.  

Exercising is not constricted to having a gym membership, with Kerrie acknowledging that there are plenty of opportunities in the Tatiara to keep it.

“I feel we are blessed in the Tatiara to have the opportunity to play so many different sports.

“In the Tatiara we have Tennis, dragon boat racing, soccer, table tennis, basketball, hockey, netball, golf, lawn bowls, swimming, and footy. Plus we have shooting and archery clubs and the skate park.

“We are also lucky to have very well maintained ovals and parks the whole family can enjoy.  

Mr Harkness agreed, and said Council encouraged the Tatiara residents to make full use of these facilities

 “The towns within the Tatiara have excellent sporting facilities and each year our footpaths and bike tracks are being improved.

Kerrie said she was disappointed by the figures published in the Advertiser and is hopeful that it will be some encouragement for the Tatiara to get moving.