Pedal Prix challenge

A dedicated group of 19 students from both Bordertown High and Bordertown Primary  participated in the UniSA Australian HPV (Human Powered Vehicles) Super Series race.

The six hour event was held at Loxton on May 7 and saw the students race recumbent 3 wheeled bikes on a closed controlled circuit in the second race of the Pedal Prix calendar year.

The event had 96 entries from all around Australia and this year featured three American bikes, riding together in 4 different categories that were Primary School (Year 6 & 7), Junior Secondary School (Under 16), Senior Secondary (Under 19) and Open (19yrs +).

Border Beast Too from Bordertown Primary received a place of 81 overall with a maximum speed of 45.7km/h.

Border Xpress from Bordertown High was placed 61 overall with a maximum speed of- 55.1km/h

This was the Bordertown High School Pedal Prix’s second year at competing and the Bordertown Schools and Community Pedal Prix Group BSCPPG (as they are officially known) were very pleased with the results that have come up to date.

Krystal Field who is on the BSCPPG said that overall all the riders had a great day filled with lots of pedaling and fun.

Another BSCPPG committee member,  Nat Leipold-Brown said “Some of our families have been involved with the Primary School Pedal Prix team for many years and some students were disappointed that they could not continue riding once they started High School.

“Being able to form a High School Pedal Prix team has been a dream realized.

“The High School team is very fortunate to be working in conjunction with the already established Bordertown Primary School Pedal Prix team, sharing their resources and knowledge.

“This has allowed an opportunity for all students who are not necessarily sports minded to learn and develop team bonding, self-discipline and perseverance, while having fun and learning new skills in a family friendly environment.

Nat said the teams would especially like to thank Deanna Dinning for all her guidance and support.

The Bordertown Schools Pedal Prix teams are School based with a teacher/student liaison however they are community funded with a parent based committee. 

Both schools teams will combine all fundraising efforts to maintain both sets of Pedal Prix bikes and equipment this year.

The BSCPPG committee would like to acknowledge the sponsorship donations they have already received so far and thank the community for their generosity.

Keith Zilm who is also on the committee said “We are amazed at what we have achieved so far in our first year of Pedal Prix and could not have done it without the support of the community.

“We look forward to continuing it on this year.”

At this stage, Year 6 & 7 Primary school students and Year 8 – 11 High School students are eligible to take part in Pedal Prix racing, however the BSCPPG committee are keen to get other members of the community involved in future seasons once the second bike is up and running.

If you would like to help sponsor/donate, have any fundraising opportunities or want to find out more about Pedal Prix please contact BSCPPG committee members Keith Zilm 0411 111 826, Nat Leipold-Brown 0427 119 691 or Krystal Field 0411 708 648 for more information.