Kybybolite farmer finds sinkhole on farm

Driving over a three metre wide and two metre deep sinkhole in a large tractor towing a spray unit is not an ideal situation, but that’s the scenario Kybybolite’s Max Schinckel found himself in yesterday.

The incident occurred on the property of Kybybolite farmer Andrew Shepherd, who said it was the first sinkhole he had come across on his farm.

“It opened up underneath the tractor and spray unit,” Mr Shepherd explained.

“We were very lucky that the weight must have broken the ground, but hadn’t actually dropped until the sprayer was basically all the way over it.

“The driver (Max) that was driving the tractor was thrown out of his seat and hit his head on the roof. He stopped to get out and have a look and he found the sinkhole.

“It’s something I wasn’t expecting, that’s for sure.”