Tintinara Area School puts on integrated learning expo

TINTINARA Area School students have held their first Integrated Learning Expo.

The expo displayed projects which students have worked on throughout the year as part of their integrated learning subject. 

Integrated learning incorporated a variety of subjects including agricultural studies, maths, science, geography and English.

Students in Years 7 to 10 worked in groups to design a enterprise, with final projects including lamb and beef production, honey production, flower growing and aquaponics.

Coordinator and teacher Mandy Parsons has been working on introducing integrated learning for the past two years.

She said she hoped the subject would progress and continue to create a sustainable ecosystem within the school.

“I am very proud of it all coming together, this has been a lot of hard work by our team and the kids have done a brilliant job,” she said.

“We started with the idea of climate change and how it affects people in Tintinara. Then they all had a choice of enterprise but it needed to be something that could be sustained in Tintinara.

“It allowed the students to apply maths, English and other subjects in real situations.

“The enterprises can keep going for as long as they want and I really hope that it will be still running in 10 years time.”

Year 10 students Marijo Richards and Cherie Kennett looked at bee and honey production and said they thoroughly enjoyed the subject.

“I loved it, for us it wasn’t just about extracting the honey, you can also rear queens and tell people more about what you can do with the wax,” Cherie said.

Fellow student Alec Morris designed a website for the group.

“The website showcases the works the students have done so the community and their parents can see what we have been learning at school,” he said.

“It was good fun and it was cool to be able to create something.”

Family, friends and students from Coonalpyn Primary School visited the nine enterprises on the day and enjoyed a barbecue lunch put on by the students.

To find out more and see the students’ projects visit tasintegratedlearning.squarespace.com.