Council, please make it safer!

TATIARA District Council's dismissal of the eastern end of Keith's speed drop to 60km has police and the community advocating for council to reconsider.

Tatiara Road Safety Committee chairman Peter Cook told council at its September 9 council meeting that he and others were offended by the recommendation being "dropped into a bucket of water".

Mr Cook along with Bordertown's Sergeant Brenton Philps, have advocated that council write to the Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Transport ask it to review the speed limit 500m east of the BP from 80km/h to 60km/h in the interest of pedestrian safety.

Mr Cook also asked that council review the inadequate lighting to make sure truck drivers can cross safely to the BP late at night.

"I find that totally offensive, that we have asked that council write to the DPTI and they have declined," Mr Cook said.

"Superintendent of the Limestone Coast Trevor Twilley in Mt Gambier is offended, I'm offended (and) I think you (council) haven't given us the opportunity to (properly) raise the case.

"The BP service station is now getting larger and the traffic has increased, because it runs 24 hours; there is a huge amount of semi-trailers in there at night."

Mr Philps said he supported Mr Cook and wanted council to consult the community on the issue.

"It's become more of an issue since they (BP) went 24hr, that highway is very busy," Sgt Philps said.

"We as the police and the group are of the opinion that it should be lowered and I am a little surprised that they haven't consulted with the community.

"It's quite likely there could be a death there, or a serious injury."

In response to Mr Cook's offence, Tatiara District Council mayor Richard Vickery said council cannot push all recommendations through.

"At the end of the day it's council's responsibility to what it resolves, so from time-to-time there will be issues where council doesn't adopt recommendations from committees," Mr Vickery said.

He did however agree that lighting is an issue to be addressed.

"It is something that should be facilitated and something I should add for council's commitment to road safety which covers a multitude of aspects, in terms of expenditure on infrastructure, budget, 18,000km roads and many kilometres of footpaths," Mr Vickery said.

"As a percentage of our budgets, we have one of the highest expenditures of roads and infrastructure through to maintenance of any council in the State, so its' always going to be a balancing act between priorities over time."