Stop taking our sales

SHOP owners are angered at travelling traders taking their business and said it's up to locals whether they want to see money go out of town or not.

One of those shop owners is Jackie Hammond of Bordertown Fruit Market who wrote to the Tatiara District Council recently concerned about itinerant traders who were breaching the Itinerant Traders and Mobile Vendors Policy by being located 140m away from related shops, like Mrs Hammond's.

This issue was quickly resolved by council, but regardless, Mrs Hammond and Poole's Menswear and Surf owner Jeff Pool aren't happy.

Now Mrs Hammond can't see why the vendors shouldn't be on the Dukes Hwy, rather than in town.

"Ultimately it's up to the people of Bordertown to shop with stores already here, if they don't want to, that's fine, everyone has a choice - but when they want a donation - sponsorship, discount for their goods, something brought in, where do they go?" Mrs Hammond said.

Council manager development and inspectorial services, Rocky Callisto said the traders could set up on the Dukes Hwy, but would need consent from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Speaking about the vendors selling within the 200m, Mr Callisto alluded to a loop hole in the policy.

In the policy is states: "Approvals will 'generally' not be given on sites within 200m of other businesses that are deemed to sell or offer the same or similar product or service".

"So that doesn't prohibit someone selling within 200m, it doesn't say 'not' to be granted, but we have told them (the vendor) they must be located 200m away from the competing business," Mr Callisto said.

"It's saying in 99 per cent of the time we'd probably not allow 200m within a business that sells a similar product, but if it's a business like the supermarket, they have other products - fruit and veg is a small proportion of what they sell."

Mr Callisto also addressed the issue of the business having about four large flags up near the train line and around Soldier's Park, as traders are only allowed one according to the policy.

He said council had also spoken about this, which was to be amended.

"That's very much, a standard type condition there, really...they can have some sort of sign and we try and be reasonable with everybody," Mr Callisto said.

"If we are going to police every little thing with the letter of the law - other business will be impacted.

"The thing at the end of the day, is under the Trade Practices Act, we can't prohibit traders, but need clear policy and I think that's what we've got.

"We want to be fair and responsible, especially with local traders, but can't prohibit them (vendors) from coming in."

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